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Check out this recent post by another Science blog. He claims the media often gets Science news wrong because they know nothing about the subject and interject sensationalized words into the articles.

Unfortunately, science reporting is pretty poorly done most of the time. Written by people that have very little knowledge about science, and don’t ever actually read the original journals where the studies they are discussing originate. Places like Science Daily source them at the bottom of articles and should be checked for science much more than with any other form of news story IMO.

You can check out the full post here.


I read an interesting blog post about how, if it wasn’t for Christianity, science would not be in the same state it is in now. It’s a very interesting read and goes back to the very beginning of Science. You can check it out by clicking here.

Figuring what things are of course! Curiosity and finding answers is a trait exclusive to humans. My friends over at Science Blogs recently posted an article just about this. It’s very “picturey”, so be prepared.

I like reading more than pictures when viewing a blog, but these pictures inspire one to love science more than ever. Media is where inspiration takes hold.

So check it out.